The Web offers many cost-effective, marketing solutions. Remarket
evaluates and manages these opportunities for clients.

Our services are planned to provide our clients internet solutions for all their
marketing activities. We highly value change and innovativeness. Therefore,
we commit to supply client tailor end to end solution based on performance
to achieve our mutual defined results. All clients are offered with a personal
account manager and an access to campaign information and reports
through a private extranet, allowing password protected web access to
multiple members of your team.

Dedicated Account Executives actively manage the day-to-day tasks associated
with performance-based marketing, reducing the time investment and headaches
of doing this in-house or with another provider. We tailor performance marketing
solutions for clients through pre-launch and ongoing strategy sessions,
facilitate technology implementation, optimize program results and
handle distribution partner/affiliate check cutting. In addition, we have
a group of professionals dedicated to identifying new media opportunities
and deepening relationships with current online partners.
Our marketing goals
 Sales implementation - Conduct product sales by web platform.
 Lead generation - Collect interested product potential customers details.
 Product exposure and awareness - Achieve defined level of product
awareness and exposure.
 Market surveys - Analyze preliminary interest of consumers in future product.
What can we do for you?
  Sale your shop flowers over the web.
  Measure your convention size by collecting interested costumers' details.
  Collect database of interested costumers for your software Catalog.
  Offer a downloaded evolution copy of you software as a pre-sale stage.
  Implement a costumer satisfaction survey among your clients.
  And many more services; Innovation is the leading value.
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