ReMarket core values

Our promise: Analyzing needs, implementing results.
We Value our model of work by 4 core values::

Costumer service
Client will be supported on a daily basis by a personal account
manager, will be supplied with an online access to performance
reports and will be weekly shared with campaign information.
Flexibility and innovativeness
client will be provided with a costumed solution that will
be defined according his business needs. Pricing will be based
on level of performance.
Integrity and reliability
All client campaign data will be kept safe and secured within
Remarket`s end.
Remarket`s first and only target is to produce our client - profits.
Client inquiry
Analysis of client business needs, preliminary
research of client product, target market and competitors.
We believe in questioning and analyzing. By deeply analyzing our
client`s needs, we would acheive the most accurate insight on future
campaign strategy and would be able to supply costumed targets
and deliver added values.

Targets set
Define desirable campaign results and fix price based
on performance. This allows you, the client, to accurately calculate
your ROI (return on investment) on the campaign. it also allows for
better long-term budgeting and results. Once there is a mutual
agreement on the desired outcome, we provide you with a template.
you will only be responsible for paying for those deliverable results
that match the template.

Operation plan
All our clients are ranked by their pre-defined business services
needs. Our services divide with the current client stage so that
each client gets the most appropriate service. We call that the
"Client Stages Methodology". The first 3 client stages are client basis
creation and technical services, therefore, all of them are priced as
fix price per service. The last 2 Stages are Performance based price.

Results Implement
Operate the Campaign. At this point, all services are in action at
Remarkets end. Online reports and account manager support are
served to the client on a day to day basis.

Inspection of delivered results on a daily basis to ensure client
satisfaction and needed maneuvers of campaign.

What do you need to do ?
 First we will ask you - what service do you need.
 Then we will put together the results you expect to get.
 After configuring desirable results we move to operation
stage where we can assign the service you need and provide
you with the suitable client stage services.
 At the end we will implement our model and deliver you the
media while activating a daily inspection of the campaign.
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