About us
Remarket was established in 2002.
Our company`s target is to supply
a full range of internet marketing services to our costumers, in a period
of skepticism beginning to vague. Our strong belief and experience in
the internet as an effective media has led us to create a working model
based only on our performance.
Common solution in outsourcing is to
pay for marketing programs that have no guarantee of qualified results.
Typically these contracts are based on a number of hours or client-beard
budget, with no commitmentto the quality or quantity of the results.

We offer a no risk model to our clients and commit to deliver pre-defined
results. Our work to create and optimize the full costumer acquisition and
retention process for the clients, combined with services includes close
and personal account management while putting campaign goals together
with our client - establishes a long term partnership with our clients and
make their results - our success.

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